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We offer you the best name brand apparel in the business.

Our list includes names like:

Mizuno, Holloway Sportswear , Badger Sportswear, American Apparel, and Augusta Sportswear

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Screen printing is a traditional printing technique of transferring an artwork onto a product. It's best suited for designs and patterns that require high vibrancy. Off The Wall Screen Printing & Sports Apparel offers extensive screen printing services for a wide range of products, such as bags, drinkware, and sports accessories.


What's more? You'll get a garment replacement over garment quality or print issues. Give us a call at

256-837-5570 for more details on our services.

You can submit your artwork either as a hard copy or in an electronic format. Please send your hard copy as a laser print and not as an ink-jet print.


We prefer laser copies printed on quality paper. For ink-jet copies, you'll have to pay an art fee based on the amount of time necessary to render the art useful.

Vibrant screen printing

Off The Wall accept electronic files in:

Screen printing for sports accessories, general merchandise items, and more

  • Company name

  • Contact person

  • Address and phone number

  • File name

  • A fax copy of art to use for reference

Quality screen printing based on your art specifications

Get Your Products Stylized With High-Quality Screen Printing Results.

Are You Looking For Professional Screen Printing Services? Call Us At:

Make sure that the texts are converted to curves. Please send an editable file if possible, as files may merge with the background, hindering the editing process.

Send all electronic files to with the following details:

  • Adobe Illustrator (PC)

  • Adobe Photoshop (PC)

  • or any file accepted by these platforms such as .eps.